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We, in Morefish, offer services and expertise within the aquaculture industry. Our main focus in on land-based aquaculture, and in particular recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).

The company was founded in 2014 by Svein Martinsen.

Our goal is to contribute to the development of the future of aquaculture production systems, by combining technology, biology, and economy. The aquaculture industry is developing rapidly, and the focus on fish welfare, production biology, and environmental impact is increasing.  

We have a long experience within the aquaculture industry and can help your business enhance production while being more environmentally friendly. 

Meet the Team


Marita Spigseth


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+47 958 27 909

Main responsibility: quality management and skills development.


Svein Martinsen

Head of Development

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+47 952 81 574

Main responsibility: new establishments, water quality in RAS, and development.


Andrè Spigseth

Technical Project Manager

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+47 412 04 992

Main responsibility: design and operation of RAS facilities.


Ragnhild Inderberg Vestrum

Head of Morefish Academy

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+47 922 50 876

Main responsibilities: Morefish Academy, courses and e-learning.


Øyvind Aaleskjær

Marine Biologist / Senior Advisor RAS

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+47 934 12 099

Main responsibility: engineering, technical RAS and project management


Kristoffer Spigseth

Junior Aquaculture Consultant

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+47 977 94 299

Main responsibility: design, production follow-up and project work.


Kine Knudsen

Administration and Head of Blåbasen

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Main responsibility: administration, IT and head of Blåbasen.


Øyvind Aaleskjær

Senior Aquaculture Technologist

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+47 934 12 099 

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