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Venue: Gamle museet , Oslo

Registration from kl. 09:30

The conference ends with a gala dinner at 19:00

Oslo, 2 November

Location: Old Museum

Registration from kl. 09:30

The conference ends

with dinner at 19:00

Registration deadline: October 22

Host for the day

Lisbeth Berg-Hansen from Kruse Larsen

Confirmed speakers

Aud Skrudland - The Norwegian Food Safety Authority

Brit Tørud - Veterinary Institute

Renate Johansen - Pharmaq Analytiq

David Owen - Blue Unit AS

Geir Arne Albertsen - Linde Gas

Åse Åtland - NIVA

Oda Høyland - BioMar

Deni Ribicic - SINTEF Ocean

Kevin Torben Stiller - Nofima

Eirik Østerhaug - Alde Akva

Espen Storstad - Linq

Liza-Mari Isaksen - Norway Royal Salmon

Yngve Kruse - Mindmap

Svein Martinsen - Morefish

Børge Søraas - Morefish / EcuNor Aqua

Øyvind Aaleskjær - Morefish

Andre Spigseth - Morefish

Ragnhild Inderberg Vestrum - Morefish

10:00 - 11:30


- Biological risk in land-based farming.

- Four important factors in land-based farming - sexual maturity, salinity, geosmin and carbon dioxide.

- Risk in the early stages of life - how does it affect the fish later in life?

- Fish gill health - risk in land-based facilities

11:45 - 13:00


- Technical specification and ordering competence.

- The Safest Solution - Farm design through data driven decisions.

- Hydraulics, aeration capacity and gases in water.

14:00 - 15:15


- Water parameters - what is important for the fish?

- Adverse events with poor water quality in RAS - how can we best monitor and prevent?

Feeding and water quality.

- Microbiology - for better or worse.

15:45 - 17:30


Prerequisites for production plans.

- Design phase - interaction when many subjects have to talk together.

- Interaction on the construction site - the first pipe must be located correctly.

- Build facilities in "gokk"? - recruit and retain people.

- Knowledge of farming is not required - or?

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