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RAS 6 days

Course description

Description: This course provides a thorough introduction to recycling technology and a broader understanding of technology's interaction with biology. Through six course days, we will give the participant a broad understanding of interaction in the RAS plant, with a focus on design, component function, water quality, production parameters, fish welfare, feeding, risk management and measures.

Target group:This kThe watch is suitable for participants who work with RAS production, or who are going to enter companies with RAS technology. The course is suitable for both technical and biological personnel.

Scope: 6 days (2 sessions of 3 days)

Course fee includes:

  • Teaching at the assemblies

  • Coffee, lunch and refreshments at the meetings

  • Material distributed

  • Certificate of

Price: NOK 14,000 ex. VAT

The next course will take place in Trondheim on the following dates (provided there are enough registrants):

  1. collection: 20 - 22 September

  2. collection: 18 - 20 October

Enrollment for scheduled courses:

Inquiries about on-site courses:

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