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Energy saving

Several studies show  higher energy consumption than  required for land-based aquaculture facilities with RAS technology. It proves that there are good opportunities for a smarter,  more profitable and  safer energy use at the facilities. There is a need for multidisciplinary knowledge, experience and time to perform a good energy survey and put the right measures at different facilities. Morefish and West Elektro have the necessary knowledge and therefore together offer the complete service that the plant needs to reduce energy consumption for the benefit of operations and the fish.

Energy and bio-optimization of RAS 

Our contribution:


Perform analysis of individual components and overall function in RAS systems and buildings, focusing on:

  •   Total energy consumption in production runs based on form of production (energy management in production operations)
  • Frequency control, automation and AI

  • Proper adaptation of components to workload

  • Technical optimization (Pipe loops, dimensions and lifting energy)

  • Heat utilization

  • Contribute to project applications for support schemes

  • Water quality optimization and risk reduction

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Form of work

Preliminary study  by obtaining central production mapping (production plan, component specifications, power consumption, plant setup / data and overview) by agreement on confidentiality

Inspection  together with the operations and / or technical manager. Filtering of focus components and systems, data collection from facilities, functional context technical and biological.

Project  we agree with the company for further work. We find the relevant measures for measurement, surveys and quantifying the effect based on the company's objective. 

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Our partner:

Solid construction experience in electrical, automation and ICT. Has delivered relevant projects and services from aquaculture and other industries. With broad technology knowledge, we can together with Morefish offer this service. By combining knowledge that has not been done before, we will create added value for our customers. 

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